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Arkham Husainy Group 10 Engineering

Arkham Husainy E.I.T.

Asset Integrity Engineer

Arkham is a dedicated and detailed EIT trained to identify and mitigate integrity threats by providing engineering solutions. Exceptional in data analysis and reporting intricate technical details to superiors and clients. Passion for innovation and improvement to increase safety measures and functionality of industrial products.  Experienced with various methods of analyzing materials, such as SEM, TEM, Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Stereo Microscopy, Vickers Hardness Testing, Micro Etching and Tension Testing.  Experience with interpreting IFC P&IDs, PFD, and engineering work packages. Lab and field experience in identification and mitigation of corrosion.  Experience with setting up and performing lab experiments to analyze various failures and produce reports to find root cause and suggest failure mitigation strategies. Able to extract information from the engineering standards such as API, ASME, CEC and CSA, to find the applicable codes for the job. Experience with AutoCAD, Matlab, Solid Works, and Thermo-Calc. 

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