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corrosion, materials & welding

Selecting the proper materials and effectively managing corrosion can greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs throughout the life of an asset. Group 10’s material experts provide our clients with the best options while balancing cost and risk.  Group 10 is considered a technical leader in Western Canada for thermal facilities, pipelines and midstream, upstream, downstream and downhole with respect to corrosion and materials solutions.  Our thorough knowledge of damage mechanisms and materials in processing equipment supports development of cost effective corrosion mitigation, monitoring and inspection programs.  We support numerous Engineering and Operating companies with new and existing processing facilities.


Our welding experts develop and/or review weld procedure specifications for typical and unique welding situations. 


Group 10 also provides specialized non-metallic and coating support. We provide comprehensive services in specification writing, coating performance evaluations, failure analysis, QA/QC and more. We are familiar with the spectrum of coating products, including the environments they are best suited for, and how they should be applied. This comprehensive background ensures cost effective solutions for a broad variety of environments and challenges. For more Services click here.

  • Corrosion Studies

  • Corrosion Monitoring & Sampling Programs

  • Corrosion Assessments 

  • In-situ Metallography & Hardness Testing

  • Fire & High Temp Damage Assessment

  • Program Support

  • Specification Development

  • Weld Procedure Development & Reviews

  • Water Chemistry Evaluations

  • Material Selection

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