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Pressure Equipment

Cenovus Foster Creek:  Piping Integrity Program Development

Cenovus Narrows Lake: Material Selection

Conoco Phillips: Pipeline Threat Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

CNOOC: Kinosis Restart Inspections. Established Inspection Plans and Execute Inspections. Included Development of Work Packages Including Expected Damage Mechanisms

CNRL: Steam Pipeline Inspections and Fitness for Service Assessments

​Deltastream: Tank Rerates

Devon Pike 1:  Material Selection

Husky-Sunrise: Assessment of Failed Insulation and Cladding System on FWKO Vessels

Keyera: Coating Specification Development

MEG Energy:  Piping  Integrity Program Development

Ovintiv: Sexsmith Gas Plant Turnaround Planning

Pi Engineering/Pratt & Whitney:  Material Selection for 1500F and 1100 psi Engine Test Facility

Suncor:  Solvent Injection Facility for SAGD Pads

Suncor: Inspection Planning for Solvent Injection Flowback

Tidewater/SWAT: Assessment for the Conversion from ASME to CSA Piping System


Blackswan/ABC Engineering Ltd.: Dense Phase H2S and CO2 Pipeline System and Associated Injection Facilities

City of Medicine Hat: PL Water Crossing Classification

Conoco Phillips: Pipeline Threat Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (moved from Pressure Equip)

Deltastream: Manage Pipeline Integrity

Enbridge: Pipeline Construction Audits

Husky Celtic/Bolney: Pipeline Risk Assessments

Husky Sunrise: Pipeline Baseline Risk Assessments

Husky: Fitness for Service Guidelines Document for Pipeline Defects

Husky: Inline Inspection Execution Guidelines and Specification for Inline Inspection Tools.

Marcon Pipeline Solutions/MEG: Bruderheim Pipeline System Hazard& Risk Assessment

NEP vs Merit:  Expert Witness Sour Service Materials and Engineering Assessments

Paramount vs. Conoco Phillips: Pipeline Spill and Support for Best Practice in Pipeline Integrity Management

Santos/Equinox Australia: Carbon Dioxide Dense Phase 55 km Pipeline- Materials Including Material Selection Study Document

The Alberta Pipeline Safety Review:  Audited the AER against Global Jurisdictions to Recommend Improvements to Pipeline Safety

Tidewater: Foothills Risk Assessment Study and Report


Materials and Corrosion Testing Services

ABC engineering/Artis: Sweet to Sour Conversion of Pressure Equipment

ARC Resources: Sweet to Sour Conversion of Gas Processing Facility

Cenovus Energy: Mini-Cracker Material Selection

Husky: Weak Acid Cation Exchange Corrosion Testing to Simulate Materials in Regen Service

Imperial, CNRL, Devon, Husky: Casing Corrosion Remediation Testing to Validate the Best Coating for Well Casing Corrosion Remediation

Ovintiv: Simulated Corrosion Environment Testing for Pipeline Corrosion

Petronas: Failed Aluminum Structure Failure Analysis

StrathCona Resources: Multiple

Tetratech: Weld Procedure Reviews

Whitecap Resources: Electroless Nickel Coating Study

Whitecap Resources: Failed Composite Pipeline

Material Selection and Corrosion Support for several EPC clients

Special Projects / Engineering Services

DEEP: Corrosion, Water Chemistry and Material Selection for the DEEP Geothermal Project

E3: Lithium Extraction Corrosion, Materials,  and Water Chemistry Support

Entropy/ABC engineering ltd.: Material Selection for Carbon Capture Facility

Grey Owl Engineering: Pyrolysis Plastic Recycling Technology

Proton: Provide Consulting for Hydrogen Pipeline Integrity Needs

Terravest: Material Selection for Biogas Standard Facility Design

Zeton:   Material Selection for Biomass Technology.

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