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failure analysis

We utilize our corrosion and materials expertise and process knowledge to perform failure analysis and root cause investigations for pipelines, pressure equipment, tanks, piping and components. We can perform simple low cost investigations or, highly detailed and comprehensive investigations using specialized equipment.  We provide usable and clear solutions to solve the problem and prevent the failure from reoccurring.  The results of pipeline inspection often identify defects that require failure analysis to provide the right preventative solutions to support your pipeline integrity program and continuous improvement cycle. We perform in the field and laboratory failure analysis for metals, plastics, elastomers and coatings. Our team of materials engineers can perform in field testing including in-situ metallography, Positive material identification or hardness testing depending on what material properties being evaluated. Our highly skilled technical staff will provide more that just a direct cause but look at contributing causes to support root cause investigations where necessary.  

  • Metallic and Non-metallic

  • Optical Microscopy

  • Bacterial Analysis

  • Cause Determination and Reporting

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